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"If we teach today's students as we did yesterday's, we are robbing t hem of tomorrow" ( Dewey 2011 )

Comcentrated Photovoltaic

PV solar energy

photon management

laser pumps

innovation innovative technology

energy saving ecological integrity

cutting-edge technology

future energy sources

saving the eco-system

combatting global warming


Technical sales and marketing
- Technical project management
- South West UK photonics
- iNET
- Photonics South West
- Telecom
- Coherent
- Coherent detection
- Modulation
- Photonics
- Photonic
- Photonic integration
- Optical
- High speed
- Digital signal processing
- 65nm
- 40nm
- 28nm
- Flash
- Low power
- ClariPhy
- DCM free
- Capella
- MEMs
- Optical switching
- Free space optics
- OCM lasers pumps erbium doped amplifier domed fresnel lens
- Optical channel monitor
- 40G, 40Gbps, 40Gb/s
- 100G, 100Gbps, 100Gb/s
- 200G, 200Gbps, 200Gb/s

- 400G, 400Gbps, 400Gb/s

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- High speed analogue to digital convertors
- High speed analog to digital converters – US spelling
- High speed digital to analogue convertors
- High speed digital to analog converters – US spelling
Agilent Anritsu calibration Keithley Instruments LeCroy test equipment repair
Photonics Optical Wss Wavelength Selective Switch Capella 100G MLSE SOA Kamelian INO bringing people and photonics togeth

for a comprehensive range of repair, calibration and measurement services for all types of optical fibre, fibre and photonic components see
previous: 'As Learning becomes technology led, is it not time to change the way we test for knowledge? Pen & paper against the clock is becoming a joke that no longer convinces students'.
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latest: The more I read, and research, the more I feel the Paradigm Shift of our Age of Communications. Like so many events in Human history, it has almost happened by mistake, yet the www may change us all
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uk company with expertise in high-speed optical communications

reliable repair and calibration of hi-end laser and optical communication test equipment: is researching: Variation Theory, Is the Web changing the Way We Think? , The path towards Informal Learning Techniques, the Loss of Boundaries in teaching practice, the argument AGAINST Tests, INTERACTIVE Critical Thinking, Collaboration - MEDIA RICH style, the case for CORE Education. is preparing draft for module 1 of Media Rich Tools for delivery to schools year 5 -12 from 2012.

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